Do you ever wonder if your child is achieving the necessary Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) skills to lead an optimistic, confident and compassionate life? Is your child equipped to persevere, be authentic and successfully manage their emotions, relationships and challenges?

Love4Life can help!
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Love4Life is hosting a Special 7-week program for only $265 for a limited number of Students:
When: Mondays: April 20, May 4, 11, 18, June 1
Time: 3:45-5:30pm (bring snack)
Where: Manhattan Beach Middle School, room #129
1501 N. Redondo Ave, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266. 

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Love4Life is a 10-18 week Social and Emotional Learning life-skills program. Taught in 45-90 minute session per week, Love4Life provides habit forming skills for youth to lead a more mindful positive life. Love4Life is a PS I Love You Foundation program, in which portion of the proceeds made help support PS I Love You’s mission for at-risk youth.


Arranged in single or mixed grades (5th- 9th) with up to 40 students per class, Love4Life provides an interactive classroom setting that supports group dynamics, quiet breathing time, open discussions and creative projects.  


Inspires students to respect themselves and others;  Empowers confidence and public
speaking skills;  Creates mindful breathing habits, Provokes understanding, control and communication of feelings; Increases ability relate to adults and peers


Increased understanding and management of his/her own social, emotional and academic abilities and responsibilities for a happier more optimistic and successful life. The outcome: Love4Life classrooms become connected communities where students share, trust, explore and create friendships. Students leave with stress management tools and self regulation skills to use throughout their lives.


The Love4Life Program

Love4Life’s after-school programs help fund PS I Love You Foundation’s instruction for inner city schools. Love4Life delivers easy to use interactive mindful tools to help students think, act and live with compassionate and confident choices for increased success in their life outlook, happiness, school, career, personal friendships and other relationships. Students will learn:


Recognizing one’s emotions, thoughts, and strengths leading to confidence and optimism; be mindful


Ability to empathize, be open-minded and recognize how/when to ask for help from others


Ability to regulate one’s emotions, thoughts and behaviors with stress, anger, motivation and achieving personal and academic goals

Relationship Skills:

Ability to create healthy happy relationships through communication, listening, cooperation, respect and conflict resolution

Responsible Decision Making:

Ability to make healthy respectful and ethical choices for self/ others