Program:  Love4Life, created in 2009 under the work of PS I Love You Foundation, reaching hundreds of local youth annually.  Love4Life is a 10-18 week SEL (social and emotional learning) life-skills program highlighting 18 influential topics of conversation that  inspire youth to think , act and live with increased compassion and more confident choices.  PS I Love You’s  posts program results prove  increased success in student’s outlook on life, happiness, self acceptance, confidence, school, career, trust and personal friendships.. The program is taught in 45-90 minute sessions once per week with up to 40 students in a class.  Our instructors, trained through PS I Love You Foundation, teach the program or we can train other teachers to deliver the content.  Love4Life provides easy to use Instructor Guides and Student Journals for interactive writing and increased participation.  Love4Life is delivered every week with the same habitual forming 10 step sequence: from mindful breathing techniques, to emotion cards and mantras.

Love4Life’s Mantra:  “I am courageous confident and in control.  I know how to apply myself and accomplish my goal.  Life is 10% what happens and 90% me, so I will always take action to be the best I can be!”

Ages:  Can be single or mixed grades (5th– 9th), up to 40 students per class with one instructor.

Benefits:  Love4Life program inspires students to respect themselves and others, understand, control and communicate their feelings, relate to their peers, become strong public speakers and apply themselves 100% to become a stronger in mind, spirit, outlook about life.  Life4Life instructors firmly believe:  If we strengthen the heart, mind and spirit of one child, everyone benefits; the classroom, the teachers, the school, the parents, the siblings, an entire community, all leading to a better tomorrow.

Outcome:  Increased student confidence and self-acceptance;  increased open-minded thoughts, tolerance and trust  about others, increased comfort with public speaking and with new people, increased positive attitude toward self and others, increased participation in school and homework and increased ability to interact and share feelings in and out of the classroom.  Witnessed decrease of school bullying, negative attitudes and disrespect and disappearance of bullying within classrooms and playgrounds in 4-6 weeks…being replaced with kindness, open understanding and respect to teachers, school and life in general.  Every day school teaches learning skills for career, we teach social and emotional skills for life.

Evaluation: Love4Life Evaluation Results from St. Lawrence Brindisi: 33 Students Year  9/2013-6/2014 Pre/Post Evaluation Results for 33 students from school year 9/2013  through  6/2014:

Pre Post Change
I like who I am and what I bring to the world: 57% 76% 19%
I am confident standing and talking in front of my classmates: 18% 43% 25%
I have a plan to get more involved in my life at school, home, community:   42%  76% 34%
I practice being an authentic person: 21% 58% 37%
I can trust people I don’t know very well: 48% 88% 40%
I am open minded about other people and things different than me: 48% 73% 25%
I often express gratitude toward others I care about: 54% 85% 31%
I have become a more responsible and reliable person: 67%  79%  12%
I feel motivated to accomplish my goals: 61%  76% 15%
I have a positive attitude about myself and my life: 30% 58% 28%
I understand that life is 10% what happens and 90% how I react to it:  48% 82% 34%
I understand the difference between materialism and core values: 30%    66% 36%


I believe the Love for Life program helps students like me become more positive, focused, confident and in control of what we thing, say and do.    100% of students agreed